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France, Thailand, UK: Traffic Cameras Under Attack
Vigilantes and nature disable speed cameras around the world.

Magic Fans spraypainted cameraIn Nuneaton, England, vigilantes used a burning tire to destroy a speed camera yesterday. According to the Nuneaton News, firefighters responded to the blaze at around 1:30am.

Lightning struck two speed cameras in Phuket, Thailand several months ago, and the devices remain disabled, the Phuket News reports. One of the fried caneras is located on Thepkrassattree Road, and the other is near Muang Thalang School.

In Saint Vincent, France vigilante soccer fans going by the name MF91 once again disabled a speed camera with spraypaint last week Sunday. According to Mon 43, the Magic Fans sprayed the camera on the D103 in Larcenac green. Actu88 reports that black spraypaint was used yesterday to disable a pair of cameras in Saint-Nabord and La Calotine.