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Ohio, France, Germany: Traffic Cameras Disabled
In Europe and the United States, speed cameras meet with protest, spraypaint and fire.

Neon painted French speed cameraVigilantes blew up a speed camera in Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis, Germany. Der Westen reports that the device on the B226 will not be replaced.

In Milan, Italy, peaceful protesters from the Northern League covered up a speed camera with a cardboard box on the Via Enrico Fermi on Monday, La Repubblica Milano reported. A large warning sign read, "Slow Down, Pisapia will fine you," referring to Milan Mayor Giuliano Pisapia.

In Greenwich, Ohio, vigilantes have been twisting the speed camera owned and operated by the for-profit vendor Optotraffic, preventing the devices from generating tickets, the Norwalk Reflector reported.

In Normandy, France, vigilantes covered the front of a speed camera with fluorescent yellow and orange paint on Friday, Ouest France reported. The automated ticketing machine had been issuing tickets on the RD579 in Ouilly-le-Vicomte. In Haute-Loire, vigilantes disabled the speed camera on the RD103, according to Le Progres. In Garlan, the speed camera on the D786 was set on fire on Thursday. A similar attack took place on July 7 in Daoulas on the RN165, Le Telegramme reported.