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French Vigilantes Continue To Disable Speed Cameras
Throughout France, speed cameras were burned, bashed and spraypainted last week.

Strasbourg speed camera burnedIn Clecy, France, vigilantes disabled a speed camera with a can of black spraypaint yesterday. Ouest France reports that this was the fourth speed camera in the region to have been attacked in the past month.

Pink was the color of choice last weekend in Fenay as vigilantes disabled the speed camera on the RD996. In Longeault, a speed camera was hit by a sledgehammer on Tuesday. According to Bien Public, the damage was not severe enough to disable the automated ticketing machine. Police have no idea who is responsible.

Near Strasbourg, in Matzenheim, the speed camera on the RD1083 was set on fire around 2am on Wednesday, Dernieres Nouvelles D'Alsace reported. Firefighters extinguished the burning tires used to fuel the blaze, but the device was destroyed.