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Italy, UK Speed Cameras Trashed
Vigilantes take out speed cameras in England, Scotland and Italy.

Modena speed cameraVigilantes in Newtown, Scotland set fire to a speed camera on Tuesday. According to Police Scotland, the automated ticketing machine on the A68 in St. Boswells just north of Tweed Horizons was taken out of service, halting ticketing operations at the site, to the great concern of local officials.

"Speed cameras are in place for a reason and local officers are investigating to identify those responsible," Police Constable Stuart Tennant said in a statement.

According to Kent Police, a speed camera in Dartford, England was destroyed last week Saturday. The device on the A226 Dartford Road was set on fire some time before 3am. In Portsmouth, a speed camera was destroyed Saturday when it failed to prevent an accident in Northern Parade. According to the Portsmouth News, a blue Hyundai slammed into the camera around 10am.

Vigilantes in Modena, Italy shut down the speed camera on the Via Contrada on Tuesday. The camera lens was smashed and a small explosive damaged the inner workings, Modena Online reported.