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France, Spain, UK: Traffic Cameras Trashed
Vigilantes in Europe set fire to, smash and scrap speed cameras.

RN165 speed camera torchedIn Lanhellen, France, vigilantes burned a speed camera last week Saturday. Ouest France reported that a half-dozen burning tires were placed around the automated ticketing machine on the RN164. In the same region, another camera had been burned on the RN165 at 2:30am on March 3 in Loire-Atlantique, according to Presse Ocean.

Vigilantes in Liverpool, England have knocked a pair of speed cameras out of commission. The device on Park Road has been twisted to point away from the road, and another in Kensington has been scorched and had its lens smashed in.

"The one in Kensington has been damaged on a number of occasions," a cab driver told the Liverpool Echo. "Whenever it gets fixed it's damaged again."

A man in Tremanes, Spain has been arrested for grabbing speed cameras and selling them for scrap. La Nueva Espana reported that a camera was knocked loose in mid-February after it failed to prevent an accident with a truck. That made the device easier to grab.