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France, Switzerland: Speed Cameras Sprayed, Scorched
Vigilantes in France and Switzerland destroy and disable photo radar devices.

Spraypainted French speed cameraA vigilante destroyed a speed camera in Lugano, Switzerland at around 4:30pm on Friday. According to La Provincia di Como, the device on the via dei Circoli in Cadro had been set on fire.

In Rouen, France, vigilantes used black spraypaint to disable a speed camera on the RN31 on Friday. According to 76 Actu, the message "die" was sprayed on the camera in English. The same device had been disabled last November. In Wittelsheim, the automated ticketing machine on the RN66 was sprayed with red and black paint on Thursday, L'Alsace reported. The device has been set on fire or disabled on two other occasions. In Merignac, a speed camera was set on fire last week Saturday at 1:30am. According to Sud Ouest, burning tires completely destroyed the device.