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Ohio, France: Speed Cameras Burned, Decorated
Vigilantes in Ohio and France threaten municipal and state revenue by taking out speed cameras.

Cleveland, Ohio burned cameraVigilantes set fire to a mobile speed camera in Cleveland, Ohio on December 2. According to WJW-TV, gasoline was poured over the unit stationed at East 85th Street and Hough Avenue. The resulting blaze damaged the unit. Cleveland's cameras have generated more than $3 million in tickets.

The ongoing waves of attacks on French speed cameras has taken a financial toll. This year, photo ticketing profit is down 12.5 percent as over 600 cameras have gone out of service since the beginning of the year, L'Express reported. In Toulon, vigilantes torched a speed camera on Friday at 1am. According to Varmatin, tires were place around the automated ticketing machine located on the A50 at Pont des Gaux. In Hontanx, Saint-Gein, and Laglorieuse, motorcyclists angered by the photo enforcement garlanded three speed cameras last week Saturday with Christmas decorations that blocked the device's ability to issue tickets, according to Sud Ouest. In Bas-en-Basset and Saint-Pierre-du-Champ, vigilantes spraypainted two cameras with fluorescent yellow paint last weekend, Le Progres reported.