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Australia, France, UK: Speed Cameras Decorated, Damaged
Speed cameras are damaged and disabled in Australia, France, and the UK.

Decorated French speed cameraIn Savoie, France vigilantes vigilantes decorated a speed camera with a white cardboard box bearing the coat of arms of Savoie. The device near Evires on the RD1203 was out of commission until police were dispatched to remove the box, according to Le Dauphine.

In St. Thurial a speed camera was damaged after it failed to prevent an accident at 5:45pm on Friday. A car headed on the RN24 toward Lorient lost control and smashed into the automated ticketing machine, according to Ouest France. The 53-year-old driver was taken to the hospital for his injuries.

In Lincolnshire, England a man was found standing on top of his car to smash a speed camera with a hammer at 11:30pm on Monday. The 32-year-old resident of Horncastle was spotted and arrested by a passing police car. The camera was located on Butt Lane in Tattershall.

A man fed up with speed cameras in New South Wales, Australia let his feelings be known on Thursday. According to the Coffs Coast Advocate, the driver of a Subaru Forrester stopped and berated the driver of a photo radar van on the Pacific Highway, threw a rock at the vehicle, and finally sped off, taking the "Your speed has been checked" sign with him.