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France: Political Party Forms to Oppose Photo Radar
Anti-photo enforcement political party

Anti-Radar MovementAnger at the French government's extensive use of speed cameras has sparked a movement to eliminate the devices. In legislative elections scheduled to begin June 10 and last through June 17, the group Mouvement Anti-Radar (MAR) hopes to make a difference with eighty candidates on the ballot around the country, though mostly in the south.

MAR's platform is a simple set of twelve points, dealing primarily with items of interest to motorists. First and foremost is a call for the dismantling of all forms of photo enforcement devices. The anti-radar group also wants to end the imposition of points on licenses and instead give judges the option to cancel licenses in cases of drunk driving or an accident. Given the advances in modern technology and the success of the autobahn in Germany, MAR recommends the maximum freeway speed limit be raised to 160 km/h (99 MPH).

Other platform items involve freedom and privacy in general. The party would ban CCTV spy cameras from public places. It would repeal all government-imposed bans on smoking in private places and restore hunting rights to average citizens. The new political party would roll back tobacco and alcohol taxes to the level they stood before the 2007 election of Nicolas Sarkozy as president.

Sarkozy also happened to preside over a dramatic expansion of speed cameras as Interior Minister. He introduced a number of other punitive measures against motorists while his own personal motorcade was documented running a red light and causing serious injuries. Sarkozy lost his re-election bid and stepped down May 15.