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DC, New Mexico, France: Speed Cameras Marked, Attacked
Vigilantes strike at photo enforcement devices in DC, New Mexico and France.

Burned French speed cameraAnother speed camera van in New Mexico has come under attack not long after a man in a nightgown shot at an automated ticketing machine with a handgun. On Monday, a vigilante in Rio Rancho hurled rocks at a photo radar SUV and rammed it with the edge of a ladder, KOAT-TV reported. The vehicles are owned and operated wholly by Redflex Traffic Systems, an Australian company.

In Washington, DC a vigilante used spraypaint last week to warn motorists at two of the sneakiest traffic camera locations in the city, WUSA-TV reported. Recently installed cameras have been particularly hard to spot as the city's vendor, American Traffic Solutions, used low-profile cameras designed to look like ordinary utility boxes concealed behind trees and other objects. The vigilante marked the area before the cameras with large orange X on Missouri Avenue and South Dakota Avenue marks to let drivers know the ticketing machine was ahead.

In Saint-Remy, France vigilantes set fire to a speed camera on the RN80 at around 12:30am on Tuesday. The automated ticketing machine was completely destroyed, Le Journal de Saone et Loire reported.