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Maryland, France, Germany, Poland: Speed Cameras Burned, Felled, Painted
Vigilantes in Maryland, France, Germany and Poland knock over speed cameras, set them on fire and spraypaint them.

Polish speed camera knocked overVigilantes in Maryland set fire to a speed camera Friday morning at around 1am. The automated ticketing machine was located on Rolling Road in Catonsville, WBAL Radio News reported. In just 30 days, the device had racked up $99,440 worth of tickets. Police have no idea who might be responsible.

In Vienne, France a speed camera on the RD347 was disabled with black spraypaint, according to La Nouvelle Republique.

In Pilawa, Poland at around 1am on Tuesday, vigilantes knocked over the speed camera on national road 17, Wirtualn Garwolin reported. After the device was on the ground, the camera housing was set on fire. A few days earlier a vigilante in Warsaw disabled the automated ticketing machine on Route Lazienkowska in Warsaw with a black plastic garbage bag.

A traffic camera in Zwickau, Germany was knocked over Monday, according to Television Zwickau. The device was completely destroyed after it failed to prevent a collision between an Audi and a Daimler-Chrysler.