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New Mexico, France, UK: Speed Cameras Shot, Spraypainted, Swiped
Vigilantes take out speed cameras in New Mexico, England and France.

French camera spraypaintedA vigilante in Santa Fe, New Mexico shot a mobile speed camera van early Wednesday. The unattended Redflex van was parked on the side of Bishop's Lodge Road, KOB-TV reported. Two rounds were fired into the windshield and another into the flash on the roof.

Vigilantes in Merzer, France used gold spraypaint to disable a speed camera on Easter Sunday. The device in Croaz-Hent on the road between Guingamp and Lanvollon has been attacked on four previous occasions, according to Le Telegramme. On previous occasions it has been painted green and pink. Last April it was "decorated" with flowers.

Vigilantes with access to powerful tools cut down and removed a speed camera in Hampshire, England BBC News reported. The automated ticketing machine made by Truvelo had been operating on the A36 near Whinwhistle Road. Officials have no idea who might be responsible.