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Israel, Latvia, The Netherlands: Speed Cameras Attacked
Speed cameras uprooted, threatened, burned in Israel, Latvia and The Netherlands.

Uprooted Israeli speed cameraIn Hardenberg, The Netherlands, two out of three speed cameras in De Krim have been destroyed, according to De Stentor. Residents used the remains of the camera eliminated in 2007 to build a birdhouse. The other camera was set on fire in August.

In Riga, Latvia a man with a gun confronted a speed camera driver on Zolitude Street. Although accounts of the incident differ, the man apparently parked his truck blocking the operation of the automated ticketing machine while the employee of the private company Vitronic called the police, Diena reported.

Vigilantes have been destroying speed cameras in Israel, according to Haaretz. At the Givati junction, a camera was ripped out of the ground. The device was not insured against loss.