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France, Israel Speed Cameras Bombed, Blocked, Burned
One speed camera blown up, three spraypainted in France. One camera set on fire in Israel.

French camera after attackA vigilante blew up one of the most notorious speed camera in France last Sunday at around 5am. According to Est Republicain, a homemade bomb blew up the automated ticketing machine on the median of the A31 in Champigneulles. The camera has been operating for the past six years. Despite issuing 87,721 tickets in 2009, fatal and injury accidents have not decreased at the location.

In Aisne, vigilantes used blue spraypaint last weekend to cover the lenses of three speed cameras on the RN2, L'Union reported. One camera at Largny-sur-Automne and two in Coyolles were disabled. A similar attack in the area took out a camera on the RN31 in May.

Last week Sunday, two men set fire to an Israeli speed camera. The automated ticketing machine in Hod Hasharon was severely damaged. According to the Jerusalem Post, the suspects were identified because they bought materials to set the fire at a gas station where the attendant happened to be a volunteer police officer.