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Germany, Italy: Vigilantes Damage Speed Cameras
Vigilantes set fire to and smash speed cameras in Germany and Italy.

Italy burned speed cameraVigilantes attempted to destroy a speed camera in Malchow, Germany October 29. Tires were placed around the automated ticketing machine on Autobahn 19 toward Muritz. Firefighters arrived in time to extinguish the blaze and limit the damage to the device's outer housing and wiring. According to Ostsee Zeitung repairs will cost 4000 euros (US $5515). Cameras in the area have been attacked six times since 2006.

On the same day at around 3am in Ehrenburg, vigilantes smashed the glass lens of an automated ticketing machine. According to Diepholz Police, this triggered an internal alarm that summoned officers. They found no suspects. Damage was estimated at 500 euros (US $690).

In Prato, Italy vigilantes celebrated Halloween by setting fire to a speed camera, il Sito di Prato reported.