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France, Saudi Arabia, UK: Speed Cameras Burned, Bashed
Speed cameras set on fire in Saudi Arabia and England, bashed in France.

Burning Saudi cameraVigilantes disabled a speed camera in Cher, France last weekend. The automated ticketing on the D23 in Bourges had been set on fire once before in June, shortly after the device was installed, France 3 reported. This time, it was yanked by a rope tied to a truck and then beaten with an ax or similar tool.

In Cambridgeshire, England vigilantes set a speed camera on fire Wednesday around 11pm. The automated ticketing machine was positioned on Oundle Road in Peterborough, according to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph.

In Dammam, Saudi Arabia residents of the Eastern Province capital have been passing along photographs of "Saher" speed cameras being set on fire.