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France, UAE: Speed Cameras Disabled
Spraypaint and trash bags put automated ticketing machines out of commission in France, United Arab Emirates.

French camera baggedVigilantes yesterday disabled a speed camera in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates, Emirates 24/7 reported. The device had been issuing tickets on Rams-Shaam road. Officials have no idea who might be responsible.

In Monteils, France vigilantes used red spraypaint on a speed camera on departmental road 926 early Friday. The device had just been installed in March, according to La Depeche. On June 18, four speed cameras in Toulouse were disabled during anti-radar protests. One automated ticketing machine was covered by a trash bag, duct tape, and a sign reading "2012: Think." In the previous week, cameras had been spraypainted white and red, La Depeche reported.

On June 17, a speed camera in Marmagne on departmental 23 was completely destroyed by fire. The device had been installed two weeks earlier and was not set to be activated until July 1, according to Le Post. Police have identified five people aged 17 to 21 that they believe were responsible.