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France, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Torched
Vigilantes set fire to speed cameras in France, Italy and England last week.

Cesena, Italy cameraVigilantes set fire to a speed camera in Verdun, France at around 2am on Friday. Tires placed at the foot of the automated ticketing machine on the road between Belrupt and Haudainville were used to fuel the blaze, Est Republicain reported.

A similar attack in Lincolnshire, England destroyed the speed camera on the A46 Lincoln bypass near Carholme and Riseholme, according to the Lincolnshire Echo. Vigilantes have succeeded in disabling about a quarter of the area's stationary photo radar units.

In Cesena, Italy a speed camera largely survived being set on fire last week Sunday. Gasoline poured over the control box for the camera on the Sp 10 was set alight, but the flames only charred the box, Il Resto del Carlino reported.