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Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Cause Fatal Accidents
Speed cameras involved in fatal and injury accidents in Italy and England.

TranicrashSpeed cameras have been implicated in fatal Nd serious injury crashes in Italy and England over the past two weeks. On April 9 motorcyclist was riding on the A338 in Bournemouth near the Cooper Dean flyover at around 9:26am. Mobile speed camera vans typically station themselves in a bend in the road that conceals it from view so that drivers are trapped at a 50 MPH speed limit just a few hundred feet before the road opens up to a 70 MPH limit.

Timothy James Rowsell, 64, came upon the camera and braked in panic, lost control and crashed. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Initially, Dorset Police had referred investigation of the incident to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). BBC News reported that the IPCC was not interested in examining the link between the speed camera and the crash.

A similar accident occurred in Trani, Italy at 10:30am on Tuesday. A driver on Strada Statale 16 approached the speed camera and slammed on his brakes near the Trani-Sant'Angelo interchange to avoid getting a ticket, la Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno reported. This surprised a following driver who struck the vehicle, causing injuries to four people -- one of whom was transported to the local hospital.