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Canada, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Attacked
Speed camera attacked multiple times in Saudi Arabia. Photo radar van targeted in Canada.

Saher cameraVigilantes destroyed several speed cameras last week in Medina, Saudi Arabia. A mobile camera was doused in gasoline and set on fire last Thursday on King Abdul Aziz Street while the operator had left for lunch. Police have no idea who might be responsible. Another motorist threw garbage on a speed camera but was caught when he came back to dump more garbage on the automated ticketing machine, Okaz reported. Another vigilante rammed his car into a speed camera, but authorities have not identified the suspect.

In Winnipeg, Canada a vigilante attacked a photo radar van on December 18. The device was issuing tickets on Hespeler Avenue at around 7pm when an unidentified individual smashed the passenger-side front window and the rear window. An employee of Affiliated Computer Services, the for-profit company that issues the citations, was sitting in the vehicle at the time. Although he claimed to be injured in the incident, he required no treatment according to the Winnipeg Free Press.