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Estonia, Italy, Switzerland: Speed Cameras Destroyed
Speed camera burns on the high seas near Lithuania and on the roads in Italy and Switzerland.

Lisco GloriaIt is not unusual for speed cameras to be set on fire after they are installed on roads throughout the world. Last month, however, three photo radar units burned on the Baltic Sea. The automated ticketing machines had been on their way to Tallinn, Estonia on the Lithuanian ferry Lisco Gloria, which caught fire. The units had been headed to the firm Alarmtec AS, which supplies automated ticketing machines to the Estonian government. The manufacturer will now be forced to send three new machines to the Department of Highways, Postimees reported.

Vigilantes in Todi, Italy grabbed a speed camera near Piagge last week. This marks the second time the device has been attacked in the past few months, Tamtam Magazine reported.

Vigilantes in Schaffhausen, Switzerland demolished the speed camera located on the A4. The hard drive on the camera was destroyed in the incident, depriving officials of a substantial amount of ticket revenue, Sudkurier reported. Police have no idea who might be responsible.