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California, Tennessee: Bogus Red Light Camera Tickets
Riverside, California puts illegal sign up at photo ticket location while camera falsely accuses Tennessee man of running a red light.

Bogus Tennessee ticketA red light camera in Kingsport, Tennessee wrongly accused Ray Tolley, 89, of running a red light. According to WJHL-TV, Tolley received a ticket in the mail accusing him of blowing through an intersection on red in a white Ford Mustang. Tolley owns a blue 1990 Ford pickup truck, and the octogenarian rarely drives. His son, David, who was forced to fight the ticket on his father's behalf, discovered the license plate on the pickup was off by one digit. The Kingsport police, who claim to diligently review every ticket, did not notice that the ticket claimed the Mustang in the photograph was a "pickup" truck.

In Riverside, California a red light camera trap was set up on August 5 at the intersection of Indiana Avenue and Van Buren Boulevard. Officials installed a "no right turn on red" sign without authorization at the location where a camera issues tickets for right-hand turns. The public works manager told the Riverside Press-Enterprise newspaper that this was a mistake and no tickets for violating the sign would be issued. The error was reportedly corrected on Tuesday.