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Washington, Australia, The Netherlands: Traffic Cameras Rammed, Burned, Decorated
Two Dutch traffic cameras burn, one in Australia rammed and several in Washington are decorated.

Lakewood, WashingtonPatriotic residents of Lakewood, Washington decorated a number of red light cameras near Steilacoom Boulevard on July 4. Red, white and blue bunting obscured the camera lens, preventing the automated ticketing machine owned and operated by Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia from functioning.

A pair of speed cameras in The Netherlands, burst into flames at around 1:30am on Wednesday. Vigilantes first used gasoline to set fire to the automated ticketing machine at Gravenweg in Eygelshoven. They later used the same technique to take out a camera at Heerenweg in Heerlenm, Blik op Nieuws reported. Police have no suspects.

A Ford Focus hatchback rammed a speed camera in Northern Territory, Australia on July 5 at around 4:15am. The camera had been issuing tickets on the Stuart Highway at Woolner in Darwin. Police only have a vague description of the suspect, the Australian Broadcasting Company reported.