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France, Germany, Poland: Speed Cameras Attacked
Polish speed camera exposed, German speed camera painted and French speed cameras burned over the course of a week.

Pink speed cameras in GermanyVigilantes attacked a number of speed camera sites across Europe last week. In the city of Slupsk, Poland, the housing for a photo radar unit was ripped open and the innards damaged on Tuesday, Serwis Glosu Pomrza reported. Officials estimated the replacement cost could run as high as US $50,000. Last Sunday at about 2:40am, French vigilantes set off to torch a pair of freeway speed cameras. The first automated ticketing machine that burned was located in Lesigny on the Francilienne ring road outside Paris. At about 3:30am on the A5b in Vert-Saint-Denis, the second camera was destroyed, Le Parisien reported.

In Dortmund, Germany the vigilantes covered a speed camera entirely in pink paint. The camera located on the B1 is unable to issue tickets. Local officials have no idea who may be responsible, Bild reported.