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Virginia Officially Cancels Red Light Camera Program
Virginia's red light camera program will officially end on July 1.

On Wednesday, the Virginia legislature adjourned for the year without taking action to reauthorize the state's red light camera program. The General Assembly's veto session was the last opportunity for camera supporters to convince Governor Mark Warner to amend budget legislation to save them at the last moment. Accordingly, the legal authority for the seven cities currently using the technology expires July 1.

In overwhelming votes this week, two other state Houses turned down efforts to introduce camera enforcement. On Thursday, New Hampshire voted 2-1 against legislation that would have allowed red light cameras. On Wednesday, Indiana voted nearly 4-1 against them.

Virginia's decision was prompted in large measure by a state Department of Transportation study showing an overall increase in injury accidents where red light cameras were used. Similar findings have appeared in studies from North Carolina; Ontario, Canada and Australia.