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Italy, Germany, UK: Speed Cameras Burn
Vigilantes take out a number of speed cameras this week in Italy, Germany and England.

Copparo, Italy speed cameraVigilantes set fire to a speed camera in Berkshire, England last Sunday at about 1am. A burning tire was used to eliminate the automated ticketing machine used on Straight Road in Windsor, the Maidenhead Advertiser reported. Local officials had lowered the speed limit on the road from 40 to 30 MPH just five days earlier as a means of increasing citation revenue.

Such incidents are common in Lincolnshire, where the Peterborough Telegraph reported £500,000 (US $740,000) in damage from seven attacks this year, thirteen last year and ten in 2008. This year's damage total has been £178,000 (US $263,000), but annual citation revenue is £1 million (US $1.5 million).

In Copparo, Italy, vigilantes used gasoline-soaked tires to destroy a speed camera with fire on Monday at about 1am, Estense reported. The device operated on the via Copparo in Tamara. Police have no suspects.

In Stolberg, Germany, a speed camera was burned around 2am Wednesday. Vigilantes climbed on a chair to reach the camera and used gasoline to set it ablaze, doing an estimated 10,000 euros (US $12,700) in damage. Aachen Police have no suspects.