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Australia, France, Germany: Speed Cameras Plastered, Painted, Purloined
Spraypaint and stickers plastered on speed cameras in Australia and France while German vigilantes grab the photographic equipment.

French speed cameras paintedVigilantes prevented a set of newly installed speed cameras in Queensland, Australia from issuing tickets on March 13. Stickers advertising the Clem7 toll road were slapped across the lens of the camera installed on Nicklin Way in Sunshine Coast, the Sunshine Coast Daily reported. Police claim that they tracked down three individuals responsible for climbing up on the camera and placing the stickers.

In Saone-et-Loire, France, spraypaint was the weapon of choice. Vigilantes covered an automated ticketing machine in Saint-Cyr on the RN6 with white spraypaint, Le Journal Saone-et-Loire reported. The same camera had been attacked last June. Police have no idea who might be responsible.

Likewise in Nogaro, a community in the southwest of France, vigilantes chose day-glo yellow paint to cover a speed camera. According to La Depeche, the same camera had been covered in red paint less than a year ago.

In Stavenhagen, Germany, vigilantes busted open an automated ticketing machine last Tuesday and grabbed the camera and flash units. According to Die Welt, the speed camera had been mounted on an eight-foot pole. Neubrandenburg police have no idea who may be responsible.