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UK, Canada: Speed Camera Toppled, Van Driver Harassed
UK speed camera fails to save itself from drunk driving accident. Canadian photo radar driver alleges harassment.

A speed camera in the London, England borough of Hillingdon was knocked over by a suspected drunk driver on December 27, the Uxbridge Gazette reported. According to a witness, the device that officials claimed would help prevent collisions was smashed by an unidentified Land Rover driving dangerously on Long Lane. Unlike police patrols, speed cameras are unable to detect drunk or otherwise dangerous drivers that adhere to the posted speed limit.

In Winnipeg, Canada the driver of a Dodge Caliber photo radar vehicle claimed that he was harassed on December 17, Quebec Media reported. The driver, who works for Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), asserted that a 24-year-old man hit and kicked the automated ticketing vehicle while yelling a death threat. There was no evidence of damage to the Dodge, but police tracked down the suspect and may file charges.