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France, Poland: Speed Cameras Blinded
Vigilantes blind two speed cameras in France and one in Poland with spray paint.

Blinded speed camera, PolandThree speed cameras in France and Poland were blinded with spraypaint this week. In Slupsk County in northwestern Poland, vigilantes used white spraypaint to cover the lenses of a photo radar machine. Officials expect to repair the device, located near a bus stop, by the end of next week, GP24 reported.

In Haute-Loire, France, vigilantes chose to decorate a camera using hot pink spraypaint on Wednesday. The automated ticketing machine had only been installed weeks before on the N88 near Saint-Paul-de-Tartas and had not yet completed its testing phase, according to Le Progres newspaper. On Tuesday, vigilantes in the south of France selected neon yellow paint to disable the automated surveillance device ironically placed on the Avenue of Liberty in Montpellier, Midi Libre reported.