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Vigilantes Target French, UK Speed Cameras
Vigilantes burn speed cameras in France, UK. Anti-war rioters take time to eliminate a speed camera during NATO summit.

Riots in Strasbourg. Photos de Daniel/flickrA speed camera on the Isle of Wight was set on fire Thursday. The automated ticketing machine, located on the A3056 Blackwater Road, was hit around 2am, according to the Isle of Wight County Press. Officials upset by the loss of the ticketing camera have no idea who may be responsible. One month ago, unidentified vigilantes covered a pair of speed cameras in the area with paint.

In France, vigilantes targeted a camera on the 134 Haut-de-Gan in Pau on Tuesday. Sud Ouest reported that gasoline-filled tires were used to burn the photo radar device, destroying it completely. A mob of several thousand anti-NATO protesters in Strasbourg also took time during extensive rioting Saturday to destroy a speed camera.