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Louisiana: Parade Goers Seek to End Traffic Cameras
Mardi Gras parade in Lafayette, Louisiana brings out residents opposed to traffic cameras.

Mardi Gras petitionMardi Gras parade goers in Lafayette, Louisiana lined up by the hundreds Tuesday to express their opposition to the city's speed cameras and red light cameras. According to organizers of a petition calling for the removal of the devices, 454 motorists from Lafayette and neighboring jurisdictions affected by the cameras stopped by a booth to add their signatures. Stephanie Ware, a private investigator who has documented irregularities in the city's ticketing program, described the scene.

"Citizens were on fire calling this program a scam," Ware said.

Local radio personality Todd C Elliott of KVOL has long been a thorn in the side of city officials who support the cameras. Elliott helped draw parade goers to the petition booth where a large sign read: "Citizens Against Red Light Cameras and Speed Vans: Sign the Petition Here. Call your councilman."

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