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Florida Legislature: Camera Bill is Dead on Arrival
Leaders in the Florida legislature make it clear red light camera legislation will not pass.

Rep Allan Bense and Sen. Tom LeeFlorida's House Speaker and Senate President made clear their opposition yesterday to proposed legislation to authorize red light cameras.

"I hate it," Florida House Speaker Allan Bense said. "It will not go through the Florida House. ... I just think it's government intrusion in our lives."

Florida Senate President Tom Lee said he would not block a vote, but suggested of the proposal, "It's all about profits, under the guise of public safety."

The bills sponsor, state Rep. Rep. Ron Reagan, admitted defeat. "The reality is, if the speaker is not going to bring it up, we know the bill's dead."

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Bense's firm opposition is a departure from his usual style of searching for common ground or gleaning where House members stand on an issue. But installing cameras at intersections is an invitation for cities and counties to use them as "cash cows," Bense said.
Source: State: Stoplight bill dead from word go, speaker says (St. Petersburg Times (Florida), 2/25/2005)

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