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UK: Speed Camera Inaccuracy Investigation Under Way
The UK Independent Police Complaints Commission is looking into allegations that 200 motorists were ticketed by a miscalibrated speed camera.

ipcc logoThe UK Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) announced last Thursday that it had opened two separate investigations into "alleged irregularities" in Lancashire's speed camera operations. The first investigation involves an employee who improperly calibrated a mobile speed camera unit. The device in question may have issued 200 tickets, worth £12,000 (US $24,000), to motorists who were not speeding. In the second, four civilian employees responsible for processing tickets are accused of failing "to correctly process documents required by courts."

"I have decided that our investigators should manage the investigations as both matters have the potential to impact upon public confidence," IPCC Commissioner Naseem Malik said in a statement. "It is important that a thorough and timely investigation is conducted to ensure confidence is restored in the important work of this (ticketing) unit."

Although the probe could ultimately result in the dismissal of hundreds of inaccurate photo citations, the IPCC refuses to divulge the precise time and locations where an affected speed camera unit was in use. The commission fears motorists might refuse to pay tickets if cited by a camera under investigation. A report is expected to take six months to complete.

Sixteen commissioners, none of whom have served in law enforcement, comprise the IPCC board responsible for conducting independent investigations into public complaints regarding police misconduct. Lancashire Constabulary invited the current probe after a review of records uncovered the irregularities.