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UK: Speed Camera Cops Caught Parking Illegally
Police in Preston, UK are caught parking illegally in order to operate mobile speed cameras.

Illegally parked police carAn irate resident from a town near Preston, UK snapped this photo of a police vehicle double-parked next to a mobile speed camera van, blocking pedestrians. The police later admitted that the officer had set a bad example by parking improperly.

This was not an isolated incident. Another motorist reported a mobile speed camera parked in the bicycle lane, violating the camera regulation that states "Safety to both operator and public is fundamental and overrides any other factors in site selection." Several similar incidents were reported last year.

A spokesman for a British motoring group told the Evening Post, "Some motorists do get frustrated when they see things like this happening because they know they would be punished if they did it."

Article Excerpt:
The man, who [took the photo and] did not want to be named, said: "The police constable was angry when she realised I had taken the photos, stating forcefully 'that's not causing an obstruction, I am doing a job'.
"It does not appear to be a good example of parking by our law enforcement people."
Source: Police are caught on camera - again (Preston Evening Post (UK), 2/22/2005)

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