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Australia: Speed Cameras on Strike
Police in Victoria, Australia go on strike, refusing to process speed and red light camera tickets.

Australia police union commercialPolice in Victoria, Australia voted overwhelmingly yesterday to begin a strike that will leave the state's speed cameras and red light cameras idle. Ninety-nine percent of officers voted to cease collecting automated fines beginning August 21 unless the government increases officer pay by five percent.

"Your unprecedented response to the ballot and overwhelming 'yes' vote has sent a strong message -- we will stand together and we will not accept an unfair deal," police union CEO Paul Mullett said in a message to members yesterday. "We call on Premier Brumby to show the leadership and decisiveness he has promised and come back to the negotiating table to put an end to this dispute."

Mullett called the government's offer of a 3.25 percent pay raise "insulting" and ran a series of television commercials urging officers to strike. (View commercial on YouTube.) Union officials believe that the government will be forced to negotiate when its automated ticketing revenue stream is threatened. The state budget reports more than A$700 million in annual revenue collected from fines and regulatory fees.