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Teaching Kids to Love Cameras
UK shopping mall ride includes a speed camera for kids.

Kiddie speed cameraProving you're never too young to be indoctrinated into the supposed benefits of speed cameras, one mall in the UK has installed a children's car ride that includes a speed camera that takes a photo at the end of the ride. Not surprisingly, the photo indicates a speed that's always over the limit.

Article Excerpt:
The Safety Cam-Car costs £3,995 to make - but Mr Heron thinks it is a small price for teaching the next generation of motorists something about road safety.

Youngsters enjoy the ride in the cute little car - but at the end there is a flash and they are presented with a "caught speeding" photograph with a random speed printed on it.

The speed recorded is always over the limit.
Source: And now, the speed camera to catch kids (Manchester News (UK), 12/6/2004)

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