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Speed Trap Detectors Improve Safety
Early results of an insurance company survey show users of speed trap detectors are involved in fewer accidents.

Speed trap detectorThe use of GPS-based red light camera and speed camera detectors decreases the risk of accidents, according to preliminary results of a study by a UK insurance firm. On Thursday, Yesinsurance Services Limited will begin a full-scale test of detector use by its customers. Early results are promising.

"Anecdotal evidence also suggests that, in addition to encouraging drivers to slow down, the system has a long-term effect on driver psychology, making motorists more aware of dangers on the road and helping to alter their driving style accordingly," said yesinsurance spokesman Paul Purdy. "Because of its scale, the project which we are now embarking on will be a much more definitive test of the effectiveness of the system."

A survey of one million miles of travel in corporate fleet vehicles found that motorists with a speed trap detector were 50 percent less likely to be involved in an accident and about 70 percent less likely to receive points on their license. The company will offer customers a £75 (US $150) discount on a popular brand of detector to increase the sample size for the test.

Yesinsurance is a subsidiary of Provident Financial plc, which has 500,000 automobile insurance customers.