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Plano, Texas Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents
Red light cameras increase the number of overall accidents in Plano, Texas.

Plano intersectionThe overall number of accidents at four Plano, Texas intersections has increased following the installation of red light cameras in March. During this six month period, rear-end collisions jumped fifty percent with a similar drop in less common angle collisions.

"I have reviewed the tapes to see if people have slammed on brakes because cameras are present," Plano police spokesman Jeff Wise told KXAS-TV.

Although the insurance industry argues that angle collisions are more serious than rear-end collisions, actual data from red light camera intersection accidents in Winnipeg, Canada prove that this is not the case. A report showed the severity of accidents increased significantly along with the increase in rear end accidents. The insurance industry earns money from red light cameras by raising rates on photo ticket recipients in California, Arizona, Illinois and other states.

Source: Collisions Up At Intersection With Red Light Cams (KXAS-TV (TX), 11/6/2006)

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