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New Ticket Camera is Both Mobile and Fixed
South African company develops automated ticket machine that can operate in both fixed and mobile modes.

Truvelo D-CamA new digital red light camera and speed camera device manufactured in South Africa claims to be the first of its kind that can be used both in mobile speed traps and fixed-camera setups. The Truvelo D-Cam is designed specifically to allow jurisdictions to maximize revenue from a single device by allowing it to perform double-duties.

Police departments may hide on the side of a high-volume road with the D-Cam in mobile speed trap mode during the day, then after the shift is over they can return the device to a fixed speed camera location for 24-hour ticketing.

The system uses WiFi and GSM to download ticket data stamped with GPS time, date and location information. The system is designed to estimate speed using lidar and can be connected to pavement sensors for red light camera operations. Truvelo devices are currently deployed in Brazil, South Africa, and the UK.