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Speed Camera Photographs Car at 202 MPH
A speed camera photographed a Formula One race car at 202 MPH on public roads.

Formula One on speed cameraA Dutch speed camera photographed Formula One driver Robert Doornbos driving at 202 MPH (326km/h) on a public road across the De Afsluitdijk dam Monday morning. Doornbos is the test and reserve driver for the Red Bull Formula One team which arranged for the road to be closed to traffic for the publicity stunt. Driving a race car on public roads in his home country had been a childhood dream for Doornbo.

"I had driven De Afsluitdijk already several times in a personal automobile, but this is far more exciting!" Doornbos said on his website. "Thanks to everyone who helped us realize this crazy idea!"

Earlier versions of the speed cameras manufactured by the Dutch Gatsometer company would have failed to register the high-tech race car. In a test by the BBC program Top Gear, the most commonly deployed version of the "Gatso" camera was unable to photograph any vehicle traveling above 170 MPH. A different type of speed camera used on an Arizona freeway proved inaccurate at high speeds when it accused the driver of a rental Hyundai of driving 147 MPH, even though the vehicle's top speed was only 137 MPH.

Watch a video of the Formula One car racing on Dutch streets on the Doornbos website.