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Long Beach, CA: Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents
Red light cameras in Long Beach, California failed to reduce accidents.

Long Beach, CAA November 2004 survey of accident data in Long Beach, California shows that three intersections with red light cameras either saw no benefit or a decrease in safety after the devices began issuing tickets. Long Beach Police Department provided data from 1998 through the first seven weeks of 2003 show either an increase or no change in accidents.

At 7th and Redondo, automated ticketing began on November 26, 2001. Before cameras there were between one and three right-angle accidents a year (average: 2.0). After cameras, there were five. Rear end collisions, however,

At Artesia and Cherry, the angle accident rate stayed the same. On February 26, 2002 the camera was activated and there was one right-angle accident. There were none the prior year, and just one the year before that.

At Bellflower and Willow, cameras went live on December 10, 2001. There were no angle accidents in the year it was activated, nor were there any in the following year.

Source: Redlight Accidents Went Up or Stayed Same In First Year Operation (, 7/19/2006)

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