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Connecticut: Teen Drivers to Have Car Branded
West Hartford, Connecticut plans to use stickers to encourage police to pull over teen drivers and issue $103 graduated license violation tickets.

Graduated License stickerWest Hartford, Connecticut's Town Council on Tuesday approved a program -- initially voluntary -- that marks vehicles driven by teenagers. A "graduated license" sticker that will signal to police that a sixteen or seventeen year-old driver is behind the wheel and should be pulled over if the car has a passenger that does not look like an adult. Such stickers are mandatory in countries such as the UK and Australia.

Without the sticker, police are generally unable to issue $103 citations for violations of the graduated license statute. The law provides that during the first three months the teen holds a license, his passengers are limited to: one licensed driver instructor; one person who is at least twenty years old who has had a license for at least four years; or his parents or legal guardians, unless they are under twenty-five years of age. The rules change in the second three months of the license where members of the teenager's immediate family can ride in the car, regardless of their age.

Young drivers are also prohibited from using a cell phone and driving between midnight and 5am, unless for employment, school, religious or medical reasons.

To receive a sticker, send your name and address to the Police Department at