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UK: No Parking Lines Painted Around Car, Car Ticketed
London motorist is ticketed by meter maids after his legal parking spot has no parking lines painted around his car.

Peter HolbrookMeter maids ticketed a number of cars on Woodville Road in Leytonstone, London, UK that were legally parked -- until "no parking" double-yellow lines were painted around the vehicles. Peter Holbrook, 35, left his Volvo outside his home in a valid parking space while on vacation in Australia. He came back to find that his car had yellow paint on it and a £80 (US $150) parking ticket.

"They got paint on the underside of my car because they got so close to the front wheels, and they have not even connected the yellow lines yet," Holbrook told the East London and West Essex Guardian. "I don't know whether the traffic wardens are on profit-related pay or not, but they certainly will issue a ticket at any opportunity and are very unwilling to engage with you in the street."

Waltham Forest Council refused to cancel the ticket when Holbrook called to complain. Only after inquiries from the media did the borough council admit the fine was in error and cancel the fine.

Source: Parking Madness Continues (East London and West Essex Guardian (UK), 5/30/2006)

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