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Red Light Cameras Rejected in Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky
One state and two cities reject red light cameras.

VA Speaker William J HowellRed light camera proposals were rejected in one state and two cities yesterday.

The Virginia House of Delegates defeated an effort to reinstate the controversial red light camera program that the legislature terminated last July. Senator Kenneth Stolle (R-Virginia Beach) had inserted a provision into an unrelated bill to reauthorize statewide photo ticketing and the bill passed the Senate 31-8 last week. The measure died yesterday when House Speaker William J. Howell (R) ruled the amendment was not germane.

In Kentucky, the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council voted 13-2 to direct Mayor Teresa Isaac to drop the idea of installing red light cameras. No Kentucky cities use photo ticketing as the state Senate voted decisively in 2000 against a bill that would have made the practice legal in the state. Lexington officials who have expressed interest in proceeding with the project despite the council vote could face sanctions from the council.

Montgomery, Alabama's city council also voted 5-4 to reject a measure to authorize red light cameras. The vote was a blow to Mayor Bobby Bright who was counting on the revenue from the $50-100 citations.