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Minnesota: Police Chief Wants Speed Traps to Fund Overtime
The police chief of Goodview, Minnesota suggests speed traps are the best way to fund overtime for his officers.

Dennis Meyer
The city of Goodview, Minnesota -- population 3,373 -- is strapped for cash. The police chief suggests the easiest way to make quick cash is to set up a speed trap. Police Chief LaVern Hauschildt offered this solution to Councilman Dennis Meyer at a city council meeting last week. Hauschildt had been seeking to add 666 extra sick and vacation hours to his police force. The Winona Daily News printed the following transcript of the conversation:
Meyer: Are there any other revenues you're looking at?

Hauschildt: Well, we could set up a speed trap.

Meyer: That's not what I was thinking about.

Hauschildt: It sounds like a good idea to me.

Meyer: That's not good PR, though.

Hauschildt: Well, we'd make money.

Meyer: Still.
The extra hours were approved, but the speed trap idea was shelved at the meeting.

Source: NOT QUITE READY FOR PAGE 1 (Winona Daily News (MN), 9/30/2006)

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