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Thwarting Of Speed Cameras Continues In France, Italy, UK
A handful of speed cameras were blocked or disabled last week across Europe.

Speed camera blockerA man in a red shirt blocked a speed camera in the town of Maidstone, in Kent, England, on Sunday, July 17. By sitting on the roof of his Nissan SUV just a few feet from the automated ticketing van, the vigilante saved a number of fellow motorists from receiving a citation in the mail. The incident was captured in a video posted on TikTok.

In San Martino, Italy, two men were arrested Wednesday for speaking out against speed cameras. As a photo radar employee set up a mobile camera trap on the Via Piemonte, the men -- one in his sixties and the other in his forties -- told the speed camera employee that the sole purpose of the automated device he had set up was to "steal money and enrich the municipal coffers." They also noted the absence of warning signs at the ticketing location. They are charged with insulting a public official. In Aversa, a speed camera installed on Friday, July 15, caused an accident three days later. A driver approaching the device on the Asse Mediano slammed on the brakes to avoid receiving a ticket, causing a collision. An ambulance was dispatched to the scene, but injuries were minor.

In Plouneour-Menez, France, vigilantes on Friday blinded the speed camera on the RD785 with red spraypaint. The same shade was used on Wednesday to take out the speed camera on the CD181 in Rombas.