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Australia, France: Speed Cameras Assaulted
An Australian photo radar van and a handful of French speed cameras were rammed, spraypainted or burned last week.

ACAB speed cameraOn Tuesday, vigilantes used white spraypaint to blind the speed camera on Boulevard Jean-Bouin in Saint-Quentin, France. The side of the camera was marked ACAB, which L'Aisne Nouvelle reports stands for the English phrase "All Cops Are Bastards." In Bonnemain on June 3, vigilantes torched the speed camera on the D795, marking the ninth time the device has been attacked. The same fate befell the automated ticketing machine on the RN580 in Bagnols-sur-Ceze, which had only recently been repaired after a previous attack.

In Victoria, Australia, an unidentified individual driving a white four wheel drive vehicle rammed the speed camera van on Parwan-Exford Road on June 2. According to The Courier, the photo radar van suffered severe damage as it was shoved thirty yards into a tree before the vigilante reversed and drove away from the scene.