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Australia, Germany, Poland: Traffic Cameras Under Fire
Polish speed camera fails to protect itself from a crash, Australian camera operators threatened and German camera is knocked over.

Polish speed camera crash siteAustralians are spitting on the drivers of photo radar vehicles, the Maroondah Leader reported. Police in Maroondah reported six incidents in the past month where beer cans were tossed at speed camera van drivers, or cars swerved toward the photo ticketing vehicle in a threatening way.

"If you have got a problem with speed cameras, take it to the government," Constable Graeme Spurrell told the Maroondah Leader.

In Kelheim, Germany, a vigilante knocked over a tripod-mounted mobile speed camera on Friday. According to Mittelbayerische the attack caused 3000 euros (US $4000) in damage to the device.

In Rzeniszowie, Poland, a speed camera was knocked out of commission when it failed to prevent a collision on the DK1 on Tuesday. According to Gazeta Czestochowa, a drunk 17-year-old female crashed into a speed camera with her stolen Audi Q5, knocking the automated ticketing machine over.