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Louisiana and UK Speed Cameras Burned
Fixed and mobile speed cameras damaged by fire in Bradford, UK and Westwego, Louisiana.

Vigilantes set fire to a fixed speed camera in Bradford, England at around 2am on Monday, the Telegraph and Argus newspaper reported. The automated ticketing machine, located on A6177 Killinghall Road in Undercliffe, is thought to have escaped serious damage. Gasoline-soaked tires placed at the base of the camera pole were set on fire, but the flames did not reach high enough to destroy the photographic equipment. Police have no suspects.

On Saturday, September 24, vigilantes set fire to a Ford Escape speed camera van in Westwego, Louisiana, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported. At around 9:25pm, gasoline poured on the back of the vehicle, which is owned and operated by Australia's Redflex Traffic Systems, was set on fire. The attack caused an estimated $2500 in damage and police have no suspects. In August, vigilantes cut the wires to the radar antenna on a mobile speed camera van.